John Elliott, President

We have worked with many Management companies in the past, and we believe that PeakMade has demonstrated the model for excellence. We intend to use them for any projects in the future.

Douglas Buchalter, Principal

Peak was always accountable and bent over backwards to meet our needs. We always knew that we were a very small client of yours, but we never felt that way. Even knowing that we could pick up the phone and call you, if we felt it absolutely necessary, to work something out is unique for an organization of your size. I know that Peak prides itself on both its culture and its people, and I can say that you have a lot to be proud of.

Ben Mohns, Senior Managing Director – Head of Asset Management, North America

PeakMade has been a great management partner for Harrison Street on a multitude of different assets. They have consistently demonstrated the ability to put in place the right people, and execute on the right strategies to create value for our portfolio. Because of their track record, they will be a long-term partner for us going forward

Preston Hart, Development Partner

Peak has been an exceptional partner and management firm for the assets in our portfolio. Whether it is participating in the planning of a proposed development or righting the ship of an underperforming asset, Peak tackles each situation with proficiency and professionalism. Their demand for excellence establishes the type of environment we want for our residents and the level of service our residents expect from us.

Richard Keyser, VP of Commercial Acquisitions and Development

Peak was an instrumental partner in the success of our Terrapin Row project at the University of Maryland. Peak’s commitment and passion to providing operational excellence enabled us to partner with them for a Toll Brothers branded project. Peak maintains the same exacting and demanding standards that out customer and institutional partners expect from us at Toll. Peak offered innovative marketing strategies and was responsive to all of our feedback along the way. It’s incredibly important that our property management partners perform at a high-level and creates real estate value for assets, and peak has done just that.

Lindsay Sandbothe, Student Housing Coordinator

The American Academy of Arts College has enjoyed our relationship with Peak’s University Center in Chicago. The staff at Peak has always been extremely helpful and willing to work with us on any reasonable request we’ve presented to them.